NanoEbers Wound Dressings Feature:

Nanofibrous Structure

Nanofibers resemble the natural extracellular matrix and environment of the skin. This enhances cell proliferation and migration and wound healing.


Honey maintains a moist wound environment which supports autolytic debridement, optimal pH, odor reduction and infection control.

Medicinal Plants-Sinai Peninsula

Sinai Peninsula and St Catherine area offer a diverse and rich source for wild medicinal plants. The plants are screened for antimicrobial and antioxidant activities which will enhance the antimicrobial activity of the developed NanoEbers wound dressings as well as their wound healing ability.

Patented Technology

Our patented technology incorporates several wound healing components including the nanofibrous structure, high honey concentration, in addition to natural components that enhance the antibacterial activity and wound healing activity.

NanoEbers Wound Dressing

Through the patented combination of honey and chitosan, NanoEbers honey nanofiber wound dressing with ˃50% honey were produced and represent the first in the market. NanoEbers exhibits both advantages of high honey concentration favorable at the wound site together with the spectacular effect of the nanofibours structure on the wound bed. 

This has allowed NanoEbers wound dressing to:

• Maintain the ideal moist wound healing environment: due to the high honey content and semi-permiability resulting from the nanofiber structure.

• Enhance Autolytic debridement: due to osmotic activity of honey.

• Support optimum low pH for wound healing: due to its high honey content.

• Provide infection control: due to honey and other natural antibacterial contents in addition to the increased surface area to volume ratio of the nanofiber structure.

• Enhance hemostasis: due to its content of chitosan in addition to the porosity of the nanofiber structure.

• Enhance healing: due to activation of polymorphonuclear cells, macrophages and fibroblastic proliferation and migration by chitosan. In addition, the nanofiber structure resembles the extracellular matrix of the skin and supports healing.

• Support maximum healing: where different combinations of natural antimicrobials and wound healing agents are being loaded within the nanofibers to maximize their antibacterial and wound healing activity.

• Maintain the viability of the beneficial lactic acid bacteria within honey: thus benefit from its associated antibacterial activity.

• Reduce odor of wound.

NanoEbers Wound Care

From Sinai Peninsula natural wealth, NanoEbers wound care comes in different products
Each product carries specific advantages and functional activities