NanoEbers Hemostatic Sponges
Natural Biodegradable Materials

Bleeding NOW under control

NanoEbers Hemostatic Sponges

NanoEbers sponges are hemostatic sponges that were designed and optimized to instantly stop severe bleeding. NanoEbers based sponges are optimized into highly porous sponges capable of stopping bleeding due to very high absorption capacity.

NanoEbers sponges show high flexibility allowing it to be tailored to any dental space while maintaining its mechanical integrity thus allowing its easy removal, thus enhanced dentist and patient convenience.

All surgical procedures need fast and effective hemostasis. NanoEbers sponges offers two categories of sponges; Chitosan based ‘GC_NanoEbers Sponges” and Gelatin based “G_NanoEbers Sponges”. Both Categories are provided in a range of sizes that allow it to fit to different surgical procedures. NanoEbers Sponges are easily cut according to the need.

NanoEbers spongs are your efficient aid in homostasis because:
-Gamma sterilized
-Highly flexible, thus tailored to any space
-Accelerate blood clotting due to loaded blood clotting agents
-Instant blood absorption within 30sec
-Excellent blood absorption capacity that reaches to 60x its weight
-Cost Effective
-Accelerates healing
-Easily removed and thus does not cause any second damage to the wound