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NanoEbers Company: Creating Nanofibers

NanoEbers is a spin off company from the American University in Cairo

Our team of professionals has over a decade experience in electrospinning. NanoEbers company is specialized in creating nanofibers for different applications. Electrospun nanofibers hold huge advantages in the biomedical and filtration field.

Our team of professionals will help transform your ideas into nanofibers within weeks. Our team of professionals are there to provide consultancy on the optimum nanofibers for your requested application.

Electrospinning technology is revolutionizing the biomedical field and the filtration field

Electrospinning and the Biomedical Field

Electrospinning is utilized in drug delivery, wound healing and tissue engineering

In drug delivery the nanofibers offer an easy platform to load different components either hydrophilic/hydrophobic or both and control their release rate. In wound healing and tissue engineering the nanofibrous structure resembles that of the extracellular matrix thus provides the cells with an environment that resembles their natural environment thus, enhance cell proliferation and migration. Additionally, the nanofibers can be optimized with different biophysical cues to enhance healing and regeneration

Electrospinning and the Filtration Field

Electrospinning is utilized in water filtration, air filtration and breathable face masks

In the filtration field, the electrospun nanofibers provide pore structure and porosity that allows for efficient filtration. Additionally, the nanofibers can be loaded with materials that allow controlled filtration. The nanofibers can be treated to serve different purposes and allow functional filtration.

Our Team

Our team of professional scientists are devoted to transforming ideas to nanofibers that have real-life applications